"What is a suit if it doesn’t suit you?"


Our Story

We found that standard suit sizes sometimes done a slightly unfair deal with some men. Every man is different, thus every special features in a man deserves special measurements. 

With this belief, we established Brillington&Brothers in 2010 and started by selling bespoke suit. 

Driven with abundant passion in menswear and everything in between, we strive to be a purveyor of fine gentlemen goods. 

Not only by providing high quality menswear, but also by giving better understanding that being a fine man requires more than just appearance. 


Our Team

Brillington & Brothers is a group of friends with high density of curiosity for classic men style. Our master tailor has been crafting since 1974 and it is our turn to appreciate his years of craftsmanship by resurrecting the classic sartorial style and combine them with modern fashion sense. 

Style Approach 

"The difference between good and great lies in details" 

That is why at Brillington & Brothers, our every cut and sew reflects the deep understanding, appreciation, and dedication of quality tailoring. We captured your personal style and transform your values through highest quality fabrics and exceptional made-­‐to-­‐measure craftsmanship into a custom piece of elegance.


Dressing Well

"A fine man is made not born" 

To look like a fine man, you have to be one. It’s a process of putting together different articles to achieve the look that impress everyday without pretending to be someone else. Brillington & Brothers encourages each individual to develop their own personal sense of style. We believe that dressing well gives more than a good feeling. It has the ability to impact our society.